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Valuation & GUidance

It can be a daunting and traumatic experience when someone passes away. Valuing a person’s estate is one of the first things to do as part of the probate process of someone’s affairs. Making sure the right person is chosen to deal with this process couldn’t be more critical.

At Winfields, we have a team of professionally regulated Chartered Surveyors to ensure that this process is dealt with as swiftly, delicately and professionally as possible.

by a RICS Chartered Surveyor

The way people are buying and renting property has changed. Over 90% of home movers start their journey online, which is why we ensure your property has the maximum exposure to reach the right channel at the right time.

Rental Valuation

We will also provide you with a rental market appraisal in its current condition once any suggested works have taken place. This will help the executors decide on the best course of action to keep and rent or sell the property. Disposal and Auction of Unwanted Furniture We have links with local auctioneers who provide an independent valuation of furniture and chattels followed by a cost-effective removal and sale of all unwanted items. Prior estimates will be supplied, and a full and complete clearance will be carried out.

House Clearance
and Winter Drain-down

Empty properties need to be prepared for sale or letting purposes. Our property management team can undertake to clean up work, deal with security improvements and drain down the plumbing and heating systems.

The best price will only be achieved if the property presents well, and the gardens need to be smartened up and maintained as part of this process. We have contractors who can undertake an initial tidy-up and follow this with regular maintenance.

Assessment of
Planning Options

Probate properties generally offer opportunities for extension or redevelopment; on some occasions, there could be space for a building plot.

Our Surveyor will consider and advise on the options.

Method of
Sale Guidance

We will advise on the right method of sale to achieve the best price for the beneficiaries - it could be 'by Auction' if there are opportunities for improvement or by 'Private Treaty' if it is modern and in good condition.

We will occasionally advise 'Informal or Formal Tender' to help achieve the best price in a required timescale.

Security Visits
to Deter Squatters & Insurance Purposes

We will agree to a programme of regular drive-by inspections and security visits and checks of the property necessary to comply with the insurer's requirements.

We advise on security issues and, when required, will organise for a Locksmith to undertake lock replacement and the fitting of security bolts as necessary. We will also agree to arrangements for the continued operation of burglar alarm systems.

Single Point of Contact

As 'Agent for the Executors', we will act as the primary contact for all matters relating to the probate property. We will allocate an individual to be responsible and available on call.

Commercial Property

Our auctions team handle the sale of commercial investments and vacant mixed usage, industrial, commercial and other types of property. Re-letting can also be arranged, plus advice given on alternative uses and desirable improvements.