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Welcome to Winfields Group, your premier destination for buying and selling brand new homes in the United Kingdom. At Winfields, we bring a wealth of experience, a commitment to quality service, and a profound understanding of the unique needs of both buyers and sellers in the modern property market.


Brand New Homes

Are you on the quest to sell your brand-new home? Winfields Group is your trusted partner. We specialise in the marketing and selling of new build properties, leveraging innovative strategies and unparalleled market knowledge to optimise property value and ensure successful sales. Our professional and dedicated team work cohesively with property developers and homeowners to bring the best value to our customers.

Marketing Strategies

Our extensive and state-of-the-art marketing strategies set us apart. At Winfields Group, we use a combination of traditional and digital marketing approaches to maximize the visibility of your property. High-quality photographs and virtual tours showcase the uniqueness of each home, allowing prospective buyers to explore every nook and corner, enhancing engagement and interest.

Our comprehensive online presence, through SEO optimized listings, targeted social media campaigns, and premium property portals, such as Zoopla, On The Market and Prime Location, ensure your property reaches a wide audience of potential buyers. 

Your property will also be featured here on our website.

Why Choose Winfields?

Partner with Winfields Group

At Winfields Group, we understand the importance of finding the right buyer for your new home, and we are dedicated to making this journey seamless and rewarding. Our commitment to excellence, our innovative approach to marketing, and our relentless pursuit of client satisfaction make us the ideal choice for your property needs.

Contact us today to experience the unparalleled service and expertise that define Winfields Group, and let us guide you through a successful property journey.


Our dedicated planning team promotes clients’ land through the planning system and deals with site-specific planning applications, whilst our development team regularly advises landowners on options, promotion agreements and joint ventures.


As we work as a team, we can offer joined-up coordinated advice on a client’s portfolio, wherever the properties are located. Let our dedicated and knowledgeable team assist you.

Land & New Homes FAQ

Winfields Group specializes in the marketing and selling of brand new homes in the United Kingdom. We provide professional and dedicated services to property developers and homeowners, ensuring optimal value and successful sales.

We employ a combination of innovative traditional and digital marketing strategies, including high-quality photographs, virtual tours, SEO optimized listings, targeted social media campaigns, and premium property portals, to maximize the visibility and appeal of your property to a wide and relevant audience.

Choosing Winfields Group provides you access to seasoned estate agents with extensive market knowledge, a customer-centric approach, innovative and tailored marketing strategies, global reach, and a results-driven approach. Our commitment to client satisfaction and excellence ensures a seamless and rewarding property transaction journey.

 Our team conducts a comprehensive market analysis considering various factors like location, property size, condition, and current market trends to determine the most competitive and accurate pricing for your property, ensuring it attracts the right buyers.

You can start by contacting us through our website,, or by calling our office directly. One of our experienced agents will guide you through the listing process, discussing your specific needs, and ensuring your property is marketed effectively.

Our robust online presence and digital marketing strategies ensure that your property is showcased across various online platforms and property portals, reaching potential buyers not just locally but globally, maximizing the chances of a successful sale.

Absolutely. At Winfields Group, we prioritise transparent communication and will keep you informed about every development in the sales process, from inquiries and viewings to offers and final sale.