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Taking The Next Step

With planning approved, you are now in the perfect position to take the next step or review the options on the table. You now have an asset which is hugely valuable and appealing to developers, house builders or even to those looking to self-build who didn’t want to go through the planning stages.

You now have two main roads to go down; you could either continue with your intended plan or sell the site on. At this stage, it’s highly recommended to get an up to date land valuation which takes into consideration the achieved planning consent, as well as an appraisal on the new build units so that there is understanding of the gross development value.

For financial reasons, you may be led to cash out now without continuing to build. Either way, we can help advise you to make an informed decision. Should you wish to sell, we can point you in the right direction to contacts we have in order to achieve you a competitive rate.

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