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Dealing with Overseas Investors & Corporations

Are you an international individual or business eyeing an investment in the UK’s commercial or residential real estate sector?

Winfields Commercial Agents proudly represents a diverse clientele of overseas investors and corporations. Our services encompass rent collection, procuring building insurance, ensuring regulatory adherence, and collaborating with our clients’ accounting and legal teams. Actively, we discover, acquire, oversee, and liquidate properties tailored for our global clients.

Identifying the Ideal Property

Your investment vision guides our search. To deliver the best fit, we need to gauge your expectations, balancing the perfect property with the right price and risk level.

Acquiring The Property

Together, we'll establish the optimal strategy for the transaction. It's crucial to collaborate with a proficient accountant for both accounting and tax considerations. If required, we can introduce you to trusted firms we regularly partner with for our international clientele.


Key Tax & Accountancy

We are privileged to be on the valuation panels of all prominent banks and various lending institutions. Our independent valuations cater to an expansive clientele: advisors, solicitors, charities, companies, partnerships, and individuals.

Stamp Duty

When procuring UK commercial real estate, up to 5% Stamp Duty might apply. Given the fluid nature of legislation and tax norms, it's wise to consult with us for the most recent updates.


Some assets attract a 20% Value Added Tax (VAT). To reclaim this, buyers must register for VAT. Furthermore, treating the transaction as a Transfer of a Going Concern (TOGC) can circumvent this VAT imposition.

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

While a non-resident individual might be subjected to IHT on their UK assets, non-resident corporations typically aren't. However, such stipulations can evolve, and consulting a tax adviser is recommended.

Moreover, we offer insights into the legal dimensions of UK property acquisitions. We can endorse proficient lawyers (solicitors) with whom we frequently collaborate, ensuring seamless communication between both parties. Throughout this, we’ll share strategies to prevent incurring excessive legal expenses.

Your CHosen Lawyer

From the moment of exchange or completion, properties must be insured at the right reinstatement value. Winfields Commercial Agents maintains affiliations with top UK insurance brokers, ensuring policies backed by esteemed insurers. Typically, vital insurance coverage spans Fire, Lightning, Theft, Flood, and Terrorism. In most scenarios, especially for commercial assets, these insurance costs can be offset to the tenants.

You should expect the following from your lawyer:

Due Dilligence

Promptly carry out due diligence on the property, including its structure, lease, and regulatory compliance, giving a clear picture of the investment.

Secure Accounts

Safeguard client funds in secure accounts, ensuring timely exchange, completion, and fund release as per your directives.

Expert Insights

Provide expert insights on any complexities – given the UK's rich history, properties may come with intricate ownership trails, making the best ones not always the simplest.

Furthermore, considering the overall purchase expenditure is pivotal. Winfields Commercial Agents assists in breaking down potential transaction costs. For instance, a UK property purchase might require the buyer to allocate between 5.75% – 6.5% of the buying price to cover stamp duty, legal charges, valuation fees, and any bank arrangement fees (if relevant).

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