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Wellness Beyond the Gym

As it is currently mental health awareness month, I think it is essential to talk about how we can create a space for ourselves to escape and relieve our stress. The gym is a giant escape from our crazy, chaotic lives and is great for many but not for some. It is vital to have a wellness space closer to home that isn’t the gym—an area of positivity for mental and physical health. 

You can do many things for your wellness, and we will discover how they can be done throughout this post. 

What are your intentions?

Forget about goals! One of the sources of our stress is targets and goals, so eliminating that from our minds is the first step to better mental wellness. The place to start is with your intentions. How do you want your space to feel? What is my intention in this space? What area do I have, and how could it be used? Once your intentions are set, you can create your wellness space.

Set the location 

The purpose of a wellness space is to have a designated area for your well-being intentions. This space should be separate from daily routines and stress-driven spaces, so don’t create this in your home office, bedroom, or else that is too connected to stress. The area should be a spot to escape to focus on your intentions with no distractions.

Types of wellness spaces you can create:

  • Daily yoga practice 
  • Baking space
  • Meditation space
  • Journaling space
  • Podcast room 
  • Art therapy space
  • Puzzle room
  • Hobby room

What can I put in my wellness room:

  • Plants – Purify the oxygen and are soothing 
  • A meditation mat – Can create a more comfortable meditation space
  • Poster and artwork – to create a relaxing environment 
  • Calm music – Create a sort of white noise against the busy world noises 
  • Bluetooth speakers – Keeps you disconnected from your phone 

Whatever your intentions are, it is essential to create a suitable space for it, so for journalism or art therapy, a wellness space that has surfaces to work on. For meditation, a chair or cushion. You may live in a small place, but if you can create a space to focus on only your intentions, the main thing if you’re looking to do yoga you need to make sure you have the floor space to fit your yoga mat. The importance is working with what you’ve got. It may be a case of working with what you got.

Remove distractions

Your wellness space is to focus on one thing, which means distractions are a big no! This space is to give you alone time away from your busy life. Your room should be free from technology and clear of clutter and distractions. While you’re meditating, you don’t want to be looking at the washing in the corner of the room that you haven’t put away or having your phone pinging messages, so it is essential to place yourself in a clear space so all you focus on and think about is your intentions.

Be at one with nature

Nature’s beauty and soothing white noise can help ground your wellness. If you have an outdoor space where you can do your wellness practice, this will help focus the mind with the fresh air and will help to eliminate any day-to-day distractions. 

If you don’t have access to outdoor space, you can create indoor versions. You can get lots of indoor plants that are easy to maintain. These plants can help set the tone of your space and maybe bring you inspiration. 

Every space is personal. Some spaces will work for you, but some may not, and that’s ok. Take the time to make the space right for you and your intentions. If you can walk into your space and feel a wave of calmness over you, you know it’s a good wellness space. 

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