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Selling your house? Here is how to prepare the house for viewings

Why should I prepare my house?

You must prepare your house for viewings because it can be the difference between your home being sat on the market to push you to lower your asking price and you being able to sell the house immediately. People buy houses that they feel are practical. And that stands out to them against the other competitors. 

Everyone has a setlist of dreams they wish for the property, but I can guarantee you that most people will look for these four things:

  • Tidy and ordered spaces
  • Filled with light 
  • Plenty of space 
  • Lots of storage 

Tips to get the house in shape

Drive-by appeal and first impression

When looking at a house, most people tend to drive by the properties they are interested in before they think about booking a viewing, so you must make outside and visible appealing to the eye.

To make outside appealing, you will have to do a significant tidying. You will need to keep on top of any weeds growing on the patio, regularly trim the grass and cut any overgrown hedges back. If you have lots of glass at the front of your house, you should clean it and maybe even frame a fresh coat of paint, depending on their state. If it is nice and sunny, put a couple of planters on your doorstep with some colourful flowers to invite people into the house. These are all small things that make a big difference.

Clean and de-cluttered spaces 

The house should be clean with no dust, mould, or crumbs on the floor, but the space should also be de-cluttered. Less is more when creating an appealing room. People want an organised space with few distractions. Remove and hide your toiletries, medication, children’s toys, piles of clothes, and makeup as they will make the room seem small and cramped. 

Your space must be hygienic and clean, so replace the mouldy shower curtains and sweep the crumbs on the kitchen floor. It does no harm to put some fresh bedding on your bed. A cleaner space will make it more inviting and remove any lingering smells.

Remove odours 

You also are going to want a pleasant smelling house. It is not just chucking a load of candles in a room and hoping for the best. You will need to clean each room and remove anything mouldy, whether food or your curtains. Open up each door and window, let some fresh air in to prevent a stuffy room and help air any lingering odours. There are many other ways to remove bad smells.

Methods to remove unpleasant odours:

  • Empty bin
  • Clear blocked drains
  • Do not smoke in the house 
  • Remove your pets from the viewing 
  • Remove cooking smells 

Fresh air and lots of light

Open all your curtains, windows, and doors. Fresh air and natural light will make all spaces feel more homely and inviting. During the day, you do not want to have artificial light on because it will make the viewer think the room is quite dark. But of course, turn the lights on in the evening.

Defined room uses 

You want to create that showroom experience for the viewers when they come in. Meaning pairing back the room to the essentials and not having a confusing mismatched space. If you have that spare bedroom that has become a bit of a dumping ground or the office room that has become storage, these are all rooms that need organising and put back to their real purpose.

It also makes sense to convert the rooms back to their original rooms as different types of rooms hold different values. Some people may pay more if your house has a spare bedroom than if it has a playroom, so it is essential to think about what the buyer is looking for in the home. 

The main thing to take out of this is only the essentials in the rooms. And if you have the time, go and visit some showrooms for inspiration to prepare your home for viewing.

Keep it neutral 

People viewing your property will want to envision themselves in the property and be able to come up with ideas for renovations to the property. If your rooms are brightly painted and decorated, some people may find it harder to picture their personalisation on the property. There are a few things you can do to rain the colour explosion in:

Remove any bright decorations

Create a cohesive colour pallet through the neutral room

Repaint the rooms a neutral and timeless colour

Remember, colour is not for everyone, so keep it as a cohesive, lightroom that will make it feel spacious and like a blank canvas for the buyer. 

Control temperatures 

You want the viewers to be comfortable in the house, and depending on the weather, you will have to adjust the temperature in the house. If it is hot and sunny, open the doors and make sure the rooms are colder and not stuffy! But if it is a chilly day, open the curtains to let the natural light in and the windows for the fresh air but boost the heating and make it a warm and cosy space.

Remove pets for viewings.

As much as we love our pets, some people do not love them. Drop your pets round to a friend or family to get them out of the house for the viewing. Save you from any unhappy viewers.

Create a journey through the house

You want to create a journey and flow through your house, so you should keep most of the doors in your home open. The doors you should keep shut are the ones to the bathrooms (and the toilet seat down). 


It is all about the preparation and little finishing touches. Create a more tailored home that is appealing to more people to bring more applicants in for viewings. You can always ask your estate agents to arrive early before the viewing for their advice.

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