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Are Future Generations Going To Struggle To Afford A Home Of Their Own?

The dream of owning a home is a cherished goal for many individuals, including the younger generation residing in Devon and Torbay. The picturesque regions of Devon, known for their stunning coastlines and vibrant communities, have long been desirable places to settle down and call home. However, as housing prices soar and financial challenges persist, there are growing concerns about whether our children can ever purchase a home of their own in Devon and Torbay. Here we will explore the unique housing market dynamics and discuss potential solutions to address the barriers to homeownership for the younger generation.

The Housing Market in Devon and Torbay

  1. Escalating Housing Prices in Devon and Torbay

Like many other regions in the UK, Devon and Torbay have witnessed a significant surge in housing prices over the years. The demand for properties in these picturesque locations, whether as primary residences or vacation homes, has contributed to the rise in property values. As a result, the younger generation faces an uphill battle to save enough for a down payment and meet the financial requirements of homeownership.

2. Impact of Tourism on the Housing Market

Devon and Torbay’s popularity as tourist destinations also influences their housing markets. The influx of visitors during peak seasons, seeking holiday rentals or second homes, can drive up property prices and reduce the availability of affordable housing options for residents.

3. Housing Supply and Demand Imbalance

Limited housing supply relative to the growing demand is a key factor affecting the housing market in these regions. The picturesque landscapes and quality of life attract people from various parts of the country, contributing to increased demand for housing.

Challenges Faced by the Younger Generation

  1. Financial Constraints and Affordability Issues

The younger generation in Devon and Torbay often faces financial constraints, making saving for a down payment on a home challenging. High housing prices and the rising cost of living make homeownership seem unattainable.

2. Local Job Market and Income Levels

Securing stable, well-paying jobs locally can be a challenge for young adults in these regions. Without a steady income, it becomes difficult to qualify for mortgages or take on the financial responsibility of homeownership.

3. The desire for Flexibility and Mobility

Younger generations may prioritise flexibility and mobility over the long-term commitment of owning a home. The allure of renting or living in urban centres may be more appealing than settling in suburban or rural areas like Devon and Torbay.

Potential Solutions and Policy Considerations

  1. Affordable Housing Initiatives

To address the housing affordability crisis, local governments and authorities can implement affordable housing initiatives tailored to the specific needs of Devon and Torbay. These initiatives may include the development of affordable housing projects, rent-to-own programs, or shared-equity schemes.

2. Supporting First-Time Homebuyers

Introducing incentives and support mechanisms for first-time homebuyers can make a significant difference. These incentives may include reduced stamp duty fees, government-backed mortgage programs, or down payment assistance.

3. Sustainable Housing Development

Promoting sustainable housing development can create a balance between catering to the housing demand and preserving the natural beauty and character of Devon and Torbay. Smart planning and eco-friendly construction practices can help address housing needs while protecting the region’s unique appeal.


The allure of living in the scenic regions of Devon and Torbay remains as strong as ever. Still, the dream of homeownership for the younger generation is facing challenges. Escalating housing prices, financial constraints, and changing lifestyle preferences are among the hurdles to overcome. However, through a combination of thoughtful policies, affordable housing initiatives, and support for first-time homebuyers, we can work towards ensuring that our children have a chance to make Devon and Torbay their permanent home, embracing the beauty and serenity these regions offer.


  1. Are there affordable housing options available for young adults in Devon and Torbay?

Yes, various affordable housing initiatives are being explored to cater to the needs of young adults in Devon and Torbay. These initiatives aim to provide affordable housing options and support homeownership among the younger generation.

2. How does tourism impact the housing market in Devon?

Tourism can influence the housing market by increasing demand for holiday rentals and second homes. This can contribute to rising property prices and the limited availability of affordable housing for local residents.

3. Can first-time homebuyers get financial assistance?

Yes, programs and incentives are available to support first-time homebuyers . These may include reduced stamp duty fees and government-backed mortgage schemes.

4. How can young adults balance their desire for flexibility with the aspiration of homeownership?

Finding a balance between flexibility and homeownership requires careful consideration of individual preferences and financial situations. Renting or exploring alternative ownership models may provide flexibility while still allowing for long-term financial planning.

5. What steps are being taken to address the housing supply and demand imbalance in Devon?

Local authorities are exploring sustainable housing development strategies to address the supply and demand imbalance. These strategies aim to meet housing needs while preserving the region’s natural beauty and appeal.


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